For the first time in its history, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has earned a spot in the top ranking for "Best Hospitals" in the U.S. It overtook the well known John Hopkins Hospital which has been a long seated favorite for over 20 years. Massachusetts General is located in Boston and is considered the primary location that cooperates with the well known Harvard University. It has over 20,000 employees dedicated to keeping this hospital running as the favorite among many of the patients who have to use their facilities and services.

This hospital has been in existence for some time. While most medical facilities within the United States have only a short history, the roots of this hospital can be traced back to the early 1800s. In fact, only two other hospitals in the U.S. have a longer history than MGH (New York Presbyterian and Pennsylvania Hospital). MGH is most well known for its advanced methods in the specialty area of Psychiatry.

On average, MGH has nearly 43k visitors every year. Congrats on a major achievement in 2012 and we will continue to look forward to seeing this magnificent medical facility in upcoming top spots for favorite hospital rankings.



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